The first shows that I helped curate were for the an artist, and dear friend, named Eric Adrian Lee for Rule Gallery in Denver, CO. It helped me to see where one of my deepest passions lie, within putting an art show together apart from making the art itself.

This interest continued to develop into a love over the following years, while I lived in France. Between 2004 and 2007, I was able to take part in aiding others in curating shows, or by curating by myself altogether, in Paris (La Pave D'Orsay) and Glasgow, Scotland (The Glasgow Art School).

Upon my return from living abroad, I was given the opportunity to be head curator, and co-leader, of a small non-profit gallery in Denver, CO, called 11th Ave. Gallery. In the course of the two years we had our space it gained much notoriety among Denver's local art scene. This two years was what cemented my passion for curating, the act of giving an artist a chance to show their art, even if it were the first time, and play an active role in how that would be visually presented. We had 22 exhibits, which included three group shows and the remainder where  solo shows. 

[Click here for a gallery of 11th Ave. flyers]

Here is are some photos of exhibits I have curated: